Like it or not, you probably need your affiliates more than they need you. Affiliates have lots of programs to choose from. And while you may have a lot of affiliates, chances are 80% of your revenue comes from the top 20% of performers.

Here’s our Top 15 List of ways to stay top-of-mind with your top performers.

Use these ideas as much as possible with smaller affiliates, too. Today’s ho-hum performer could grow into tomorrow’s best.

  1. Grab a beer with them at a conference
  2. Communicate regularly and on-schedule, not just when you need something
  3. Follow affiliates on social media; share some of their posts
  4. Give affiliates samples of your products
  5. Solicit feedback, take note of and acknowledge their ideas
  6. Give affiliates useful, actionable data
  7. Inform affiliates of industry news and trends
  8. Offer custom advertising to high-performing properties
  9. Create exclusive offers for high-performing affiliates
  10. Keep a stable of unique, pre-approved offers that you can match with special requests
  11. Clearly communicate your policies and preferences
  12. Maintain top-notch reconciliation, attribution and compliance systems
  13. Use dynamic attribution to give more credit to affiliates with most desirable traffic
  14. Cut affiliates who break rules
  15. Pay affiliates on time and thank them

In these days when affiliate fraud can put online merchants out of business, you want to keep your best affiliates happy and on your side. At Pinpoint Intelligence, we’re here to help you grow your business.