What Is Pinpoint Alerts?

Pinpoint Alerts allow merchants the unique opportunity to intercept, and resolve impending chargebacks, prior to reaching their merchant accounts. Advance notifications are sent in near-real time, with coverage extending across the US, Canada and parts of Europe.

How Does Pinpoint Alerts Work?

Pinpoint Alerts is a unique program that allows you to intercept disputes filed by your customers before they become chargebacks. Once a dispute is filed by the customer, it is routed to you so you can decide what to do about it. Whether you stop fulfillment, issue a refund, let it go through as a chargeback or decide to challenge it as potential fraud, is completely up to you.

If you take action to resolve a potential chargeback, but it still goes through, Pinpoint Intelligence will pick up the tab. Our zero-defect guarantee promises that we will put the power to prevent chargebacks in your hand; if we fail to live up to that promise, we take full responsibility.

Can Pinpoint Alerts Work With My Unique System?

he Pinpoint Intelligence team can deploy the Pinpoint Alerts system for virtually any business within 24 to 48 hours. The only a business needs to have in order to work with us is a unique billing descriptor. A billing descriptor is the way a company’s name appears on a credit card statement and is set up when the merchant account is established. This means that merchants using an aggregate account may not be able to use our service.

Our program functions no matter which processor or gateway you are currently running. This is one of the added benefits of Pinpoint Alerts — your employees don’t have to learn an entirely new system in order for you to be protected.

Other Benefits of Pinpoint Alerts:

  • Up to 50% decrease in chargebacks
  • Notification of possible chargebacks in hours instead of weeks
  • Protects your processing relationships; avoids fines and penalties
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