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Pinpoint Payments Becomes A Leader in Payment Optimization

Fresh Meadows, NY / July 16th 2019 – As the leaders in payment processing, Pinpoint Payments recently announced new measures to create higher profits and heighten the growth of each merchant by implementing unique payment optimization techniques.

Like no two people are the same, no two businesses are the same – so why should each merchant be paying the same fee? Looking at these key factors, the company has executed a premier payment optimization process that’s predicted to deliver maximum results.

Providing fully customized underwritten merchant accounts while using Interchange Costs of different cards, each merchant can participate in the savings achieved on more common cards. With this in mind, each merchant will only be paying extra on the less common and more expensive rewards cards.

Additionally, by using customized and fully underwritten accounts, increasing transaction approval ratios can reduce fraud and chargebacks. And, as a result, prevent businesses from saying no to potential transactions.

“What we’re doing is putting our clients at the top priority to make them feel protected and safe. Sometimes merchant processing can get so complex. With so many layers and fees, business owners try and make it easier on themselves and consequently go with a company that gives them one simple fee. Though, it’s not always a company that provides optimization. Our new process is has this concept in mind, creating expansion and making sure each client flourishes,” Jenna Acquaviva, Project Manager at Pinpoint Payments said in a statement.

As the company expects to increase merchant revenues and improve bottom lines, the leader in payment processing brings forth the promise that they’ll soon become a spearhead in payment optimization and customization.

Founded in 2013, Pinpoint Payments is a top leading online payment merchant service provider. Standing on the cornerstone of respect, integrity, and innovation, Pinpoint Payments top priority has been to provide a seamless and uncomplicated transaction process with each client’s ease and security at the forefront.

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