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Finding a merchant service company for credit card and payment processing has never been this easy. Using our simple and secure solutions you can accept payments as soon as today. Get started by clicking one of the merchant processing services below. Merchant Processing Services are needed to help businesses accept credit card payments, handle transactions, customer fraud, chargebacks and more. You can be rest assured knowing that Pinpoint Payments the best credit card processing fees. We provide merchant processing solutions to a variety of different companies including Health/Beauty, eCommerce, CBD and Vape Businesses, Affiliate Marketing, Retail, Restaurants and more.

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Pinpoint payments offers safe and secure card processing options for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Virtual terminal

Pinpoint Payments give our merchants the flexibility to charge credit cards and collect eChecks for your telephone and mail orders.


Give your online customers easy to use and state of the art checkout options with Pinpoint payment eCommerce tools.


Pinpoint payments allows you to use your tablet or mobile device to make fast and secure transactions.

No website no problem, Pinpoint Payments give our merchants the flexibility to collect credit card payments and eChecks for your telephone and mail orders. We offer a simple and secure solution that allows you to easily take “card not present” credit card payments without the need of a terminal, website or POS system.

Pinpoint Payments Virtual gateway can connect to many other vital services including QuickBooks, online invoicing, and even a PCI Compliant Credit Card Vault to save your customer’s payment information to simplify repeat customers business. Take a look at the different companies we provide merchant processing solutions for.

Pinpoint Payment’s Mobile Services Include:

  • Point-to-point Encryption
  • Recurring Billing
  • Batch Processing
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • QuickBooks® Plug-In
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