Landing pages are meant to convert. Getting the value proposition, white space, bullet points, form placement and CTAs right will suffice for many businesses and offers.

But in today’s card-not-present space, the bar’s higher. Visitors have to know as soon as they land that they can trust you. They have to be confident that they can call you if there’s a problem. If they feel they can trust you, they’re less likely to call their banks.

Here are 10 features your landing page must have to win that trust:

  1. Make it relevant: You immediately build trust when your landing page answers the AdWords, email or other advertising promise that brought them there. Different campaigns should have different landing pages. Don’t send people to your homepage.
  2. A clear, concise headline: This landing page best-practice is particularly important in card-not-present businesses. When you focus attention on a on a strong headline, you tell visitors that you have nothing to hide.
  3. Lots of contact information: Put your phone number and social network links in prominent positions. Include your address and even a map and of your location. The more accessible you are, the more confident they’ll be that you’re a real business.
  4. Don’t over-promise: If you’re selling off your landing page, it’s better to under-promise. The pitch itself will sound more credible. And if for some reason a customer’s not happy, they won’t feel swindled. They’ll feel they can call you, not the credit card issuer.
  5. Be consistent: Make sure the promise and incentive in your promotion is the same through your entire sales funnel, including the landing page. Keep your list of benefits and unique selling points the same throughout your online advertising and promotions.
  6. Show a face: Studies show that smiling faces (particularly the smiling face of a woman) increases trust. The happy face of a woman, whether she’s on your team or a customer, will elevate the trust for your brand.
  7. Use customer testimonials: Share quotes from customers. If you can get a release, include their face and name. (Otherwise use the Shirley Y., Kansas City, MO” format.) It’s a proven way to gain and reinforce trust in future customers.
  8. Add third-party trust badges: If you’ve been featured on a website, include the logos in the footer area.
  9. Offer a prominent money-back guarantee: Even if you’re not yet selling off the landing page, the guarantee says you stand by your products. The Pinpoint Guarantee badge adds a third-party promise of no-hassle refunds.
  10. Remove navigation: There’s a balance between driving conversions and building trust. Studies show that a landing page with navigation will depress conversions, so remove it. For customers that want to know more about you, your logo can link to your homepage.

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