Reduce Chargebacks with these 5 Customer Service Must-Haves

If you’re an ecommerce company and a customer has a complaint, you want them coming to you, not the bank. Banks can hit you with chargeback fees, fines and the possible loss of credit card privileges. These five customer service must-haves will give customers reasons to rectify issues with you, not banks.

Immediate chat availability

In a store, you might wait in a customer service line for help with a purchase. Internet buyers generally don’t have that kind of patience. Give customers a chat button, you give customers another reason to talk to you, rather than complain to a credit card issuer.

A Customer Service Phone Number

Yes, we live in a digital age, but some people would rather just pick up the phone and talk to someone. A phone number also gives customers confidence that there’s someone on the other end of the line to help. It’s one more reason to call you, not the bank. Be sure to include this information within your billing descriptor as well for maximum exposure.

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