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Verifi CDRN

Verifi’s award-winning CDRN enables near real-time communication between the merchant and issuer, to resolve fraud and non-fraud disputes before they become a chargeback. With CDRN, merchants receive timely notification directly from the issuer to resolve the cardholder issue promptly and avoid costly chargebacks that hurt your profits.

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Ethoca Alerts

Although card issuing banks and ecommerce merchants deploy an arsenal of tools and identify thousands of fraudulent transactions a day, they do so in isolation – they have no effective way to communicate and collaborate with each other. That means a valuable source of mutual intelligence remains untapped and issuers are forced to communicate cardholder-confirmed fraud and customer disputes through the costly, slow and inefficient chargeback process.

By the time merchants get a chargeback, weeks or months have passed and it’s too late to stop the fraud or resolve the dispute with the customer. As a result, costs skyrocket and the brand/customer relationship is damaged. Thankfully, we’ve created a better way – Ethoca Alerts.

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3D Secure powered by PAAY – Chargeback Protection!

Because chargebacks happen after an authorized card holder makes a transaction, fraud prevention tools cannot stop friendly fraud. PAAY offers protection even in these situations.

PAAY has simplified the 3D secure protocol that was created by Visa and Mastercard to protect merchants from fraud allowing for easy simplified integrations and drastically reduced shopping cart abandonment