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Isn’t it Illegal to Charge Extra if Someone Uses a Credit Card?

The short answer? No. Currently we operate well within the Mastercard and Visa service rules; while the laws regulating a cash discount program may change in the future, everything we do is by the book. For example, take a look at the stipulations regarding Visa's views on cash discounts: From Visa Core Rules and Visa Product and Service Rules – 22 April 2017 " Discount Offer – US Region [...]

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Why do Businesses Utilize the Cash Discount Program?

Simple. Paying with a credit card incurs processing fees. By eliminating these fees (a few cents a transaction), a cash discount can save a business thousands of dollars every month. We eliminate monthly processing fees for small businesses. For example, think about a convenience store or coffee shop. The average ticket price is generally not going to exceed $10. For credit cards or debit cards charged as credit, the [...]

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