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High Risk Businesses

A business is considered high-risk when it meets one of two conditions. The first is that it operates in an industry that is considered high-risk, or prone to health concerns or controversial practices. These types of businesses include software, health and wellness, travel and hospitality, legal services, financial services, gambling, anything adult-oriented, tobacco, and eCommerce. This is not a complete list, but it gives you an idea about what [...]

Preventing Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is no joke; according to Forbes, merchants in the United States are losing approximately $190 billion a year to credit card fraud. Customers of banks lose around $4.8 billion, with banks themselves losing an additional $11 billion. The scale of this problem is massive, with credit card losses equivalent to the total annual energy spending in the USA (which is about $140 billion). This is the [...]

The Farm Bill Passed, CBD is legal. Pinpoint Payments Has the Solutions

The 2018 Farm Bill Passes—What CBD Oil Retailers Need to Know about New Payment Processing Opportunities This week, the 2018 Farm Bill was passed and signed into legislation by the president. What’s exciting about this bill is that it changes the way in which cannabidiol (CBD) is handled by law enforcement. The bill does legalize the hemp plant but does so with strict guidelines. Also, marijuana still remains illegal federally. The [...]

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M-Commerce 101: What Your Online Business Needs to Know

Mobile commerce, referred to as m-commerce, is a subset of e-commerce, and one that is gaining ground every day. As of the end of 2017, 82 percent of online users in the U.S. used a mobile device for online shopping, with 35 percent being mobile-only online shoppers. Overall, m-commerce accounted for 23 percent of e-commerce spend. The forecast shows that by 2021, it will account for about 54 percent of online [...]

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Have Yourself a Merry Mobile Presence

As the countdown to the holidays continues, shoppers are beginning to flock to the stores for their gift purchases. With almost 8 billion mobile devices around the world – yes, more than the current population of the world – you know a lot of these purchases will be done online. Mobile Shopping Trends This holiday season, online sales will continue increasing. More people are turning to their smartphones to search, compare [...]

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