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Getting Started With Online Payments During A Pandemic

A Quick Guide to Setting Up Online Payment Processing In today’s market, it’s clear more than ever that businesses need to be able to connect with customers and clients online. Whether you’re a service or product company, offering online sales provides convenience for customers and makes it easier to do business with them. Aside from your website set up, you need a way to start collecting payments. You will [...]

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Understanding and Identifying Chargeback Fraud

Friendly Fraud Part 1 - Understanding and identifying chargeback fraud Friendly fraud, also known as chargeback fraud or digital transaction fraud, is a common problem faced by modern businesses. This type of fraud affects both online and physical stores and is widespread across industry sectors. While the terms 'friendly fraud' and 'chargeback fraud' are often used interchangeably, the intention behind each incident differs greatly and affects how you need [...]

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[2020 GUIDE] The Best Chargeback Prevention Plan

Offense is the Best Defense - Why you need to plan for Chargebacks ahead Running a successful business online is about much more than hard work and discipline. Between marketing, fulfillment, customer service and more, you need good financial management if you ever want to succeed. Chargeback prevention is an important piece of the puzzle. Not only do they eat away at your profits, high chargeback ratios will create severe [...]

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What Is a Direct Merchant Account, and How Is It Different than PayPal?

Any business that wants to accept credit and debit card e-commerce payments must have a merchant account. There are two options—a direct merchant account (DMA) or a third-party account, such as PayPal. To make an informed choice for your business, you’ll need to know what a DMA is and how it’s different than PayPal. What Is a Direct Merchant Account? A DMA is a bank account that merchants open [...]

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Considering Stripe to Process Credit Cards? A Direct Merchant Account Is Better

As an e-commerce business, you need to be able to accept credit and debit card transactions. You have several options, including Stripe, a third-party type of account, or a Direct Merchant Account (DMA). There are many benefits to processing credit cards, in addition to risks and costs. Let’s look at how Stripe stacks up against a DMA. DMAs Explained DMAs are dedicated accounts that are set-up by payment processors [...]

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