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5 Tips for Successful International Shipping

Importing and exporting can be very lucrative. If and only if you know what you’re doing. An importer can be stuck with a warehouse full of goods it can’t sell. An exporter can find his products sitting on a dock waiting for a truck or train. In the interest of helping our clients who want to import or export, here are 5 tips that can make the difference between [...]

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Don’t let your shipping practices chargeback to haunt you.

You did everything right. You took the order, packed it and shipped it out the same day it was received. The customer may have even signed a receipt for the package. So, what’s with the chargeback? Sometimes things go wrong in shipping. A fragile or not-so-fragile product can dent or break. A bottle can open, spill and ruin the rest of the order. And up to 86% of consumers, [...]

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