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Don’t get smoked by your Credit Card Processor: The truth about Vape and eLiquid Merchant Accounts

Although it seems a bit unfair, the vape and e-liquid space online has traditionally been considered high-risk, but that doesn’t mean you should be restricted to high rates and poor service. You deserve solutions that can fit your needs and deliver the best outcomes. In a growing industry, there is plenty of opportunity to learn what you need to know with Pinpoint. eCig industry shows remarkable growth Both the [...]

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Processing: Why it Costs So Much to Get Your Money

It seems like magic. The customer visits your site, shops, hits Submit and you get paid. But, in fact, a lot happens behind the scenes. The better you understand this, the better you’ll be able to choose a payment service provider (processor). Getting through the Gateway After the customer hits submit, the information on the payment form hits what’s called a “gateway.” As we explain in this blog, the [...]

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Top 15 Ways to Keep Your Top Affiliates Happy and Selling

Like it or not, you probably need your affiliates more than they need you. Affiliates have lots of programs to choose from. And while you may have a lot of affiliates, chances are 80% of your revenue comes from the top 20% of performers. Here’s our Top 15 List of ways to stay top-of-mind with your top performers. Use these ideas as much as possible with smaller affiliates, too. [...]

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Beware of the Chargeback Myths: Find the Facts

Many merchants are afraid of chargebacks — and rightfully so. However, there are many myths associated with chargebacks, which is why merchants need to weed through the myths to find the facts. Use our information in this email newsletter to debunk the popular myths and help online merchants manage chargebacks. Knowing truth from fiction helps prevent high rates of credit card fraud in the future. Do not Fall for [...]

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Take a Look Inside the Black Market that Targets Stolen Credit Cards

Did you know that there is a market for stolen credit cards? The black market is a multi-million dollar business devoted to buying and selling credit cards that cause your business to lose out on its revenue. Due to the fact that credit cards are the primary form of payment, this information can be stolen by hackers at record speed. As long as eCommerce exists, and purchases are being [...]

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