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Four Key Actions to Automate in E-Commerce: Save Time & Increase Revenue

Automation is the best friend of any e-commerce brand. Because the nature of your business is in real-time, it would be impossible to handle all the details manually. When looking at all the actions you should automate, consider those that have little to no variability. Automation works better for these kinds of tasks because they don’t require human intervention. Once you have this list, dig deeper to understand which [...]

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Credit Cards And The Holidays: Keeping Customer Trust

EMV credit and debit cards are becoming increasingly common throughout the globe. Technically, they’re designed to offer increased security during transactions. That doesn’t mean breaches can’t happen. If you’re a retailer, this is important to keep in mind, particularly during the busy holiday shopping season. It’s at this time of year that best practices are the most essential. Whether that’s using an email verifier tool to build your subscriber list or offering coupons [...]

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