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Pinpoint Payments Becomes A Leader In Payment Optimization

Contact Information Pinpoint Payments Ben Grossman 917-589-1044 For Immediate Release Pinpoint Payments Becomes A Leader in Payment Optimization Fresh Meadows, NY / July 16th 2019 – As the leaders in payment processing, Pinpoint Payments recently announced new measures to create higher profits and heighten the growth of each merchant by implementing unique payment optimization techniques. Like no two people are the same, no two businesses are the same [...]

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Credit Card Processing for Startups

So you’ve got a new, ground-breaking idea: maybe it’s the next Facebook, Air BnB, Uber, or Groupon. All of these businesses have one major thing in common: they all need to accept credit card payments from their users. There are many different payment processors that do not accept startup companies as clients, due to the high failure rate in this sector; Pinpoint Payments understands the up-hill battle associated with [...]

Credit Card Chargeback Resolutions

Visa Claims Resolution Small and large business owners take note: In April of 2017, Visa launched Visa Claims Resolution (VCR), a new global dispute process for credit card chargebacks. With this process, Visa’s objective is to reduce timelines and bring simplification to the chargeback dispute process. The previous system was a litigation-based model, whereas the new process is based on a liability assignment model. Visa made this change because [...]