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Risk-Control Exec Outlines Tactics for Online Merchants To Survive a ‘Perfect Storm’

Digital Transactions | March 22, 2017 By Jim Daly The migration of payment card fraud to the Internet in the wake of EMV chip cards coming to the point of sale is not new, but new findings from a company that specializes in card-not-present risk control and chargeback reduction provide insights on the breadth of the problem and offer ways to mitigate it. Delray Beach, Fla.-based Pinpoint Intelligence saw [...]

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Guest Post: 5 eCommerce Customer Service Must-Haves

Reduce Chargebacks with these 5 Customer Service Must-Haves If you’re an ecommerce company and a customer has a complaint, you want them coming to you, not the bank. Banks can hit you with chargeback fees, fines and the possible loss of credit card privileges. These five customer service must-haves will give customers reasons to rectify issues with you, not banks. Immediate chat availability In a store, you might wait [...]

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Guest Analysis: For Merchants, Big Data More Than Just a Buzz Word

It can be easy to write off “big data” as an empty buzz word and the hype around it as a cynical marketing ploy, especially because the talk about big data often lacks an explanation of what it really is in real world terms. For a quick-and-dirty definition, this will do: Computers today can store, read, compare and draw conclusions from vast amounts of information — and they can [...]

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Click Fraud Costs U.S. Businesses $4.6B Every Year

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and online affiliate referral programs are powerful tools for attracting valuable web traffic and driving sales. The relationship between a business and an affiliate can be simple and symbiotic: Businesses pay for valuable referrals, and affiliates collect revenue for directing the traffic. Unfortunately, whenever money changes hands, especially online, fraudsters will exploit that relationship. What Is Click Fraud? A site that hosts pay-per-click ads has an [...]

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