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Navigating the Mobile Fraud Landscape

Running an online business in 2016 will mean a steady increase in the number of customers accessing and making purchases on your website. As technology evolves, fraudsters follow suit, adapting their methods to exploit new payment methods and technologies. You optimized your website and online shopping cart for mobile; your fraud detection and mitigation system should be mobile-ready too. As merchants, payment processors, and banks work overtime to keep [...]

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5 E-Commerce Fraud Trends to Watch

5 e-Commerce Fraud Trends to Watch The beginning of every year is a time for predictions, so here's one: fraud will continue in 2016. But not all fraud is the same. Knowing what to look for is a big part of identifying and preventing fraud. Here are five major fraud trends to look for in 2016: With Friends Like These... Chargeback fraud or "friendly fraud" occurs when a customer places a legitimate [...]