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How to test your way to a kick-ass landing page

I’m going to stick my neck out and bet that you have a pretty good landing page. Actually, I’m not sticking it out too much. If your landing page is converting and making money, your landing page is better than most. If you’re happy being better than most, read no further. But what if there was a way to double, triple, maybe even get 5X your conversion rate? What [...]

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Landing Page Best Practices for Card-Not-Present Businesses

Landing pages are meant to convert. Getting the value proposition, white space, bullet points, form placement and CTAs right will suffice for many businesses and offers. But in today’s card-not-present space, the bar’s higher. Visitors have to know as soon as they land that they can trust you. They have to be confident that they can call you if there’s a problem. If they feel they can trust you, [...]

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