VCR Launches, E-Commerce Braces for Impact

Learn what to expect in Visa’s new chargeback program One thing you can always expect in e-commerce is change. As technology has become more sophisticated, so has the way in which people shop and how they pay. When you accept a transaction online, you’re attempting to verify that the card does, in fact, belong to the customer and all information is accurate. Unfortunately, chargebacks happen, and they aren’t always [...]

M-Commerce 101: What Your Online Business Needs to Know

Mobile commerce, referred to as m-commerce, is a subset of e-commerce, and one that is gaining ground every day. As of the end of 2017, 82 percent of online users in the U.S. used a mobile device for online shopping, with 35 percent being mobile-only online shoppers. Overall, m-commerce accounted for 23 percent of e-commerce spend. The forecast shows that by 2021, it will account for about 54 percent of online [...]

Have Yourself a Merry Mobile Presence

As the countdown to the holidays continues, shoppers are beginning to flock to the stores for their gift purchases. With almost 8 billion mobile devices around the world – yes, more than the current population of the world – you know a lot of these purchases will be done online. Mobile Shopping Trends This holiday season, online sales will continue increasing. More people are turning to their smartphones to search, compare [...]

Card-Not-Present Fraud: a Scourge of E-Commerce

It was a revolution when we stopped having to sign carbon paper credit card slips. Then came the fateful day we no longer had to call the credit card company for authorization. As convenient as credit card transactions have become, cardholders are understandably anxious about the possibility of fraudulent transactions being made on their accounts. Buyers Being Wary Payment card fraud apparently only occurs in less than 1% of [...]

Are You Really Ready for the Holidays?

The holiday season is once again upon us. Consumers are already marking important dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday in their calendars to grab the best deals for Christmas and Hanukkah well before they arrive. You have to start planning early to get the biggest possible boost from customers, but what are you doing to protect your business and your customers from holiday fraud? Shopping online is a [...]

7 Web-Based Wireframe Tools that Anybody Can Use

If you sell online, you’ve probably seen wireframes—blueprint-like diagrams that outline the relative size and placement of each element on a web page. Every designer uses them and some won’t put pointer to pixel until you’ve signed off on one. The good news is, you don’t have to be a designer to create a wireframe. Online tools let you and your team create your own wireframes, move pieces around, [...]

Processing: Why it Costs So Much to Get Your Money

It seems like magic. The customer visits your site, shops, hits Submit and you get paid. But, in fact, a lot happens behind the scenes. The better you understand this, the better you’ll be able to choose a payment service provider (processor). Getting through the Gateway After the customer hits submit, the information on the payment form hits what’s called a “gateway.” As we explain in this blog, the [...]

9 Terms You Absolutely Must Understand to Accept Online Payments.

The business of credit card payments is a bit like a teenage girl on the telephone. It has a language all its own. And words don’t always mean what common sense might suggest they mean. Say, for instance, you’re looking for payment processor for online payments. You may not realize that processing is just one step in a long chain of technological transactions. And some processors, playing on this [...]

Optimize Your Manual Review Process in 2016

Optimize Your Manual Review Process in 2016 From single owner e-commerce store fronts to major online retailers, many businesses that rely on card-not-present (CNP) transactions for revenue are still saddled with a slow, ineffective method of fraud prevention known as manual review. Facing rising fraud rates in 2016, these businesses are recognizing that using manual review, while a critical part of preventing fraud, takes too much of their time and leads them to decline too [...]