In the past, if a customer did not have a physical debit or credit card on them, it would be nearly impossible to make a purchase. Not in today’s world. A customer can complete a purchase today without being physically present. These types of payment options are called card not present transactions.

This type of transaction occurs when either the cardholder is not present or the credit card is not physically present during the time of the transaction. Generally, the most common form of this transaction is a remote purchase, be it by internet, fax, or mail. When is a transaction considered “card present”? If payment details are captured in person at the time of the sale, it fits the criteria for being “card present”. An example of this type of sale is when cards are physically swiped through an EMV chip reader or swipe.

What is a Card Not Present Transaction?

Just go give you an idea, here are a few CNP transactions that businesses come into contact with every day of the week. Here are just a few card not present transactions:

  • Phone Orders. If the customer provides the information detailed on the card over the phone to a representative of your business, this is considered a CNP transaction.
  • Recurring Payments. Payments that are set up automatically for monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly subscription services and products are considered CNP transactions.
  • An invoice for a business or service that is completed online is considered a CNP transaction.
  • Online Purchases. If a customer buys goods on the internet via a global marketplace (Amazon, eBay etc.) or through an eCommerce solution, this is considered a CNP transaction.

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Are There Additional Costs for a CNP Transaction?

Like any credit/debit card transaction, a business will have to pay a processing fee for CNP payments; this is just like interchange fees and assessment fees. Interchange fees are almost always higher for CNP transactions due to the fact that the chance of chargebacks and fraud are higher without the card present. For reference, CNP transactions accounted for 45% of the United States’ credit card fraud. With the adoption and growth of online retail and eCommerce, experts project that this percentage will increase.

Best Platform for Card Not Present Transactions

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